Re-Appropriated Gear #2: Hammock Straps

Climbing gear is rated for thousands of pounds. Hammock gear is rated for 300 lbs. Guess which one weighs more? Which one takes up more space?

Here’s a cheap hammock I got from Costco: Chillax (if you’re crazy about this one please don’t buy it from here it’s literally 20 dollars at costco). The hammock itself is really light, but the “straps” are (at least) 8mm thick (unrated) cord and it has two huge injection molded plastic hooks.


I replaced the inside loops with a short 12 cm long dyneema sling, and the straps with 5/8th inch tubular webbing. Lighter, smaller, stronger, and better for the trees. Tie a bowline, or for faster setup/takedown, add 2 carabiners and just clove hitch the webbing onto it!

Screenshot (490)
Lost Lightweight in Paradise

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