Useful Gear: Stick Clip Hiking Pole

So I got this baby from a friend that only trad climbs now, and I have to say it’s pretty damn cool.

It’s a trekking pole–and a stick clip!

It extends out to something like 12 feet long, so an average person with arms can pretty easily reach bolts about 18-20 feet up. The nose of the hiking stick has 3 separate pieces that can extend out, each about 3 feet long. I attached a Superclip© (the red thing) by screwing it onto a trekking pole basket that came on the pole, and screwing that onto the stick. See below:

And that’s it! It’s a pretty straightforward piece of gear. I found it online, and it looks like it sells for around $65 bucks. I’d probably buy it. Link is here, not affiliate or anything.

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