Cheap DIY Gear Sling

Don’t want to pay 30 bucks to carry the 6 extra draws and hexes you bought cuz you thought you’d be a trad climber but instead you just carry protection in case your sport route is too runout? Here’s the guide for you.


  • Trad gear
  • Shoulder-length (120 cm or about 4 feet) of 1 inch webbing –pick it u online with your other climbing gear for ~33 cents a foot, or 40 cents a foot at your local REI
  • Thin accessory cord (6mm or less, could probably get away with 7mm though)–same cord as from the last guide, REI: ~30 cents a foot.
  • Soldering iron OR Hole Punch OR Nail + lighter
  • Marker
  • Flat piece of wood/basically anything


  1. Get 1 inch diameter webbing, wrap around your shoulders like a sling to whatever length you find will be most comfortable. Add slightly less than a foot for tying the two ends together using a water knot. (If the images are still confusing, it’s just an overhand knot tied with the webbing folded flat and not all twisted, and the other end retracing the knot from the loose end.)

    IMG_20171001_113846812_HDR (1).jpg

  2. Put it around your shoulder and adjust the knot and the position of the sling to find a comfortable position, use a marker to mark out at which points you want the gear loops to start and end.
    • Remember that once you put stuff with weight on it, it will naturally slide next to your hip. I personally liked the knot right at my chest, which fell in the chest crease nicely even with weight, and provided a handle for me to move the sling around. 

      I only wanted two gear loops b/c I don’t have that much stuff I’m a poser, but you can add as many as you want, but you want to “drill” two holes at the end of the loops so you don’t have the stopper knot (pictures bottom) digging against your body!
  3.  Heat up your soldering iron/ready your hole puncher/heat up your nail and form holes where you marked. Flatten the melted nylon edges out with something flat (I used a wooden ruler)
  4. Thread the cord through the first hole on the side you want to be on the outside of the gear sling, continue threading by going in and out like you’re sewing. (hover for captions)
  5.  Take a lighter and smooth out any rough edges by the holes once the cord is threaded through. Tie simple overhands on the outside ends of the gear sling as shown in the 2nd and 3rd image.
  6. What’s the small middle loop for?
    • Key piece of gear that you want to keep separate from everything else.
    • Keeper loop for overhanging climbs–loop your chalk belt through it to prevent the sling from swinging when you go past 90!

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