Gym Review: Mesa Rim

This review covers 2 different gyms: Mesa Rim in Mira Mesa, and Mesa Rim Mission Valley. Website: Mesa Rim




Mesa Rim Mira Mesa:

Cleanliness: 7/10

  • My only theory is that they clean their toprope holds way more frequently than their bouldering holds. Overall the gym is generally clean, except most of the bouldering holds are so dirty and grimy it’s often difficult to differentiate the color of the plastic.

Comfortability: 4/10

  • No sofa near climbing area, No dining area, Extremely dimly lit, No viewing area to watch climbers. This is a gym-goer’s gym, don’t come here to relax or do work, you wont enjoy it.

Atmosphere: 1/10

  • Uptight workers, pretentious members. Demographics are mostly young college-age males or late 20’s/early 30’s comfortably-salaried climbers who have never gone outside

Cost: N/A

  • I cannot comment on value, as I had a free month due to volunteering for a collegiate climbing competition.
  • Membership $81 + $50 initiation fee gets access to both Mira Mesa and Mission Valley Locations
  • Day Pass 22 dollars, 18 dollars discounted (student/military)
  • Note: will charge you 8 dollars for a belay lesson while 99% of gyms offer it for free
  • What is bullshit is they will charge you 180 dollars for a lesson on “overcoming fear of falling” indoors.

Setting: 5/10

  • Toprope routes are very well designed, much stronger setting than the Mission Valley location, and lots of variation among the climbs
  • Bouldering is very uninspired, no slab section, and literally none of the climbs require any beta-intensive exploration. Boring.

Overall: 2/10 Do Not Recommend (Although I’d guest pass in anyday, the toprope stuff isn’t too bad)

Mesa Rim Mission Valley:

IMG_20170608_191605937 (1)
Ivette likes this one a bit better

Cleanliness: 10/10

  • Very clean, Everything is new, Moisturizer and soap dispensers in the bathroom. Can’t really act like there can be “beyond expectation” levels of cleanliness–a gym’s either clean or it isn’t.

Comfortability: 7/10

  • Still a very professional sort of feel, but everything is well lit, and the relaxation areas have sofas and chairs which are great for eating some snacks and watching other climbers to steal some beta.

Atmosphere: 7/10

  • A lot of friendly climbers, and workers mostly mind their own business. It’s busy enough that you definitely have to go out of your way to talk to people, or they’ll hang with their own crew–obviously no fault of the gyms or the people
  • I did meet one guy who I got murder vibes from, and then later my friend told me about his creepy messages to her so not so much a shot against the gym but moreso what happens when there’s a lot of people

Cost: N/A

  • Same as in Mira Mesa, no judgement due to it being free, but I’d say if it was closer, I’d probably be willing to pay
  • Also, if you are part of the AAC (you should be, they have lotsa perks like 10k rescue coverage and shipping guidebooks to your door), you’ll also get the $50 initiation fee waived if you sign up for a recurring membership.

Setting: 6/10

  • Bouldering section often aims for aesthetics over actual substance. Does feel good when you send something that looks hard but oftentimes the coolest boulders are the easiest ones. Fun for beginners!
  • Toprope section is a more straightforward than at Mira Mesa, seems like they also aim for aesthetics here as well.

Overall: 6/10 Would probably sign up if I had no alternatives

General Thoughts

I got a membership to Mesa Rim through their volunteer program with the USA Climbing association’s collegiate finals in April. In exchange for manning the desk for 4 hours, my friend and I got free membership for a month. And that’s when the trouble began.

The first time I went to activate my membership, they were behind on inputting the info, and just let me in for free (yay, extendo membership). The 2nd time, coming back a week later when they said the info would be in their database, I was told I “couldn’t be helped” by the front desk before I asked to talk to a manager.

It must have just been some miscommunication right? My general impression of the workers at MR Mira Mesa has taken a hit almost every time I went to the gym. Several times I was chased out of the gym (while already cleaning up) at 8:45 when the gym closed at 9. My friend, who had volunteered with me, was questioned several times while inside the gym whether she had paid before entering (one time, twice in a day). Despite clear communication that our free membership would include all the same perks, I was given trouble several times (they had 4 guest passes that one month for member appreciation) when I tried to bring guests. The overall impression I got from the gym was that most of the workers did not want to listen–their job was to parrot the rules (which we didn’t break), and nothing else.



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