Gym Review: The Wall

I used to think Groupon was the dumbest thing in the world. I still think it’s pretty dumb. Almost everything I tried on discount was some watered-down version of what you’d get if you had walked in without the coupon code.

The one time a Groupon worked was at the Wall. I was desperately looking for a killer deal on climbing gyms as I was undoubtedly addicted to this new hobby. $35 dollars for a month’s membership at the gym–rentals included. Cool things (that aren’t climbing related) about The Wall:


  • Super chill workers
  • Really friendly members
  • Food amenities
    • Fridge
    • Microwave
    • Butane stove
      • You can literally cook dinner at this gym
  • Piles of climbing and surfing magazines to read
  • Exercise area
  • Fast as shit Wifi
  • Yoga studio
    • That you can blast music and dance with your friends when there’s no classes
  • Free seminars/classes
  • Fat squishy sofa you can chill on to watch people climb
  • Upstairs area with tables for eating and drinking juice
  • Close at 11pm almost everyday so you can stay there forever 🙂

    Someone else’s dog :))))

Here’s the ratings:

Cleanliness: 8/10

  • It’s not your super bright glass and steel sort of gym, but everything is clean and tidy, and the bathrooms are always clean.

Comfortability: 10/10

  • The gym doesn’t smell, is always a good temperature, and there magazines and a big sofa for when your tendons start screaming
  • Also an entire slab wall for when your arms are pumped

Atmosphere: 10/10

  • This was the second gym I ever went to, and I got spoiled. I thought every gym was full of workers that learned your name the first day and friendly members introducing themselves without prompting
  • I also thought every climbing gym allowed pets and had a fully functioning kitchen
  • I also thought every gym had fat sofas and climbing mags to read while chillin
    • I was wrong, it was just the wall

Cost: 6/10

  • $65 membership, $55 discounted student/military, $20 initiation fee
  • Referrals get both the new and old member $20 off the next month
  • $16 day pass, $14 for students/military

Setting: 8/10

  • This is a bouldering only gym, part of why the cost rating isn’t 9/10
  • Setting is very inspired, lots of variation that even beginner level climbs can be pretty beta heavy, I’ve fallen off loads of v2’s
  • Beginner area and Cave area offer climbing that’s kind of rare to find outdoors, make’s it sort of unique/superior to outdoor climbing when you want something different

Overall: 9/10 Definitely Go

If I lived in San Marcos, I never would have left this gym. It’s unfortunately a 35 minute drive, whereas Mesa Rim and a lot of outdoor bouldering is only a 20 minute drive at most. Fortunately, I’m taking classes up north again this year, so I have a reason to sign up for real. Groupon or not, this place is worth it–and when I’m done with school–I’ll definitely be rocking The Wall tank top at whatever gym I go.






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