Replacing your Chalk Bag Belt

A lot of people talk about replacing your chalk belt with a load-bearing capable piece of accessory cord. A lot of people say it’s very simple. They’re right. Here I’ll show you step by step how to make an adjustable chalk bag belt from accessory cord.

Materials Needed:

  • Accessory Cord
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Small Carabiner
  • Ability to tie knots
    1. Get at least ~3 feet (or 4 if you’re morbidly obese). You can find 30 foot precut packages at many outdoor stores, or a custom length at any REI.
      New England Ropes 6mm Accessory Cord (Do not recommend it’s kinda stiff)

      Get 6mm if you want it for other projects (coming soon), or 7mm if you want to use it for making anchors (usually 22-25 ft). Make sure you’re buying stuff that actually has weight ratings on it.

    2. Tie up a bight of the cord using an overhand knot (most basic knot you know).


    3. Take the other end of the cord, wrap it around you waist so it’s pretty loose and leave your thumb on the unknotted end to keep track of the length. Loop it through you chalk bag webbing loops if the loops are smaller than the knot size (if you use 7 or 8mm accessory cord)
      • Cut the cord using a scissor
      • Use a lighter to melt the cut ends so they don’t fray
    4. Now you’ll tie half of a double fisherman’s knot onto itself on the loose end–the same knot you learned when tying up excess rope when you are tying in on belay. (Last two images are showing adjustability by sliding the cord)

      This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    5. If you didn’t loop the cord through your chalk bag yet, do it now. Keep the fisherman’s knot end on whatever side you’re dominant hand is on.
    6. Connect your carabiner (I used a Metolius FS Mini 2) to the fisherman’s knot end, to prevent it from sliding to a closed knot.
    7. Put it on (make sure the carabiner gate side faces out so if you fall on it you don’t get hurt) and brag to your friends about how accessible and convenient the cord will be to perform self rescue despite never having even practiced it 🙂

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